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23 of September 2013
There are no update this week.
Check back next week for another photography related blog post.

16th of September 2013
commercial photography can be the most natural choice for those entering photography.
It is as difficult as any other are but might, based on you personality, seem more accessible than e.g. weddings.
This is a huge area, but some of the main areas are covered in our How to become a commercial photographer guide.

9th of September 2013
There are numerous sites made for teaching photography.
Anyone can create a site so it can be difficult to figure out which ones are the best.
Luckily the best sites are large sites with a huge selection and prices you can live with.
I have here made a guide for the best - Photography learning sites.

2nd of September 2013
If you are a complete beginner to HDR, the principle is quite simple.
You add multiple exposures to create an image more complete in its dynamic range.
The results vary greatly from the extremely artistic to the very realistic.
An overview is to be found in this - What is hdr photography overview.

26th of August 2013
Adobe has received a lot of criticism for its latest decision to move over to a subscription based model.
In some ways it is unjustified as their primary task, as a private company, is not to serve the public.
That being said, Adobe Photoshop creative cloud, is not a particularly good deal for photographers.

19th of August 2013
Often the first few prints are quite disappointing.
Problem is that your screen doesn't give an accurate representation. You therefore need to Prepare the image for print.

12th of August 2013
Converting to black and white in Photoshop.
To convert a picture to Black and White in Photoshop is an easy process.
Simple instruction to convert Black and white in Photoshop.

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