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22nd of April 2013
Rebirth of Photography. The strong growth in digital photography has made it difficult for many professional photographers.
People are having family members taking pictures in their weddings and news media are don't need the same amount of photographers.
Still, I believe this will be a true renaissance in the field of photography. This particularly is true for the artisitic side of it.
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15th of April 2013
One of, if not the best way to learn about photography is to watch serious reviews of others pictures.
There are particularly two reviews you should watch regardless of the kind of photography that interests you.
The first is from Kelby Training. They are THE source for learning photoshop.
In addition they know their photography and they review photography over a broad spectrum.
The second you should check out is Alex Koloskov. His photography is more specfic to studio photography.
He gives very valuable advise when he does his reviews.
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8th of April 2013
The hack Magic Lantern show above everything else the lack of features in the original camera software.
If you are a Canon user you can get added features with the use of Magic Lantern.
Question becomes, why don't camera producers facilitate extra software capabilities?
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1st of April 2013
Why you should shoot in RAW+JPG. One of the most time consuming tips I've ever followed is to shoot in RAW mode only.
It worked fine until I went on a vacation. With memory cards getting much larger and cheaper,
there is much less reason to not also shoot in Jpeg.[Read: Why Shoot in RAW and JPG]

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