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Photograpy review sites

15. April 2013. After you have learned the basic of photography you can start watching and learning from one of the more enjoyable way of learning.
Looking at other peoples' pictures being reviewed with valuable feedback about how they can improve the pictures.
This is in addition of being enjoyable also an excellent learning tool.

These review programs seperate themselves from the love fest at most social media site where everyone express amazement of every picture.
Several review sites do exists, but most of them are not serious in the sense that they always hold their punches to not offend anyones feelings.
Two regular reviews treat the submitters as professionals and therefore hold them to that standard.

General Photography review site

The first one to feature is "The Grid" provided by Kelby Mediagroup.
You will find a wide variety of pictures being reviewed within many different categories.
The approach is that the pictures get reviewed as if they are included in your portfolio. In other words they are sure to point out the errors without giving more compliments than the picture justify.

Below is an example episode of "The Grid". In this episode there is a mixture of very good and not so good pictures.
This company is also one of the top teaching companies within several areas of photography. This is particularly true as it relates to Photoshop.

Studio photography review

The second serious review I will mention here is more atypical as it only deals with studio photography. Particularly of products and/or liquid photography.
What can be particularly learned by Alex Koloskov is the eye for detail. If you have an interest in product or liquid photography, this is the place you want to be. However, even without this interest you should check out his photo reviews because you will notice his eye for details. This is a habit we can all benefit from regardless of your main interest in the field of photography.

An example review session video by Alex Koloskov.
He also offers several training courses worth to check out. In general they are quite expensive so it is more for the professional and less for the hobby entushiast.